About Us

Here at Scumbag Magazine, we want to provide the consumer with the best unknown art possible, and support the artists with the least amount of exposure. We want to help give an opportunity to the visionaries and artists inspiring people through their creations.
For the people by the people!

After an unfortunate snowboarding accident, our founder Justin Roberts was not only nearly killed (5 days in intensive care icu), but was put into a considerably enormous debt. After losing his car to the government before he had a chance to get back to his home in Arizona (Due to it being impounded while he was away in Colorado and in the hospital), he was stuck with no home, no car, and the closest family members living nearly 1,000 miles away. Justin lived from place to place, constantly couch surfing at friends.  At one point was sleeping in a broken down van in a lot during the heat of the Arizona summer. He was determined however to make it as a creative. After working for numerous clients, he was offered a spot in a guest room until he had the chance to get back on his feet. He realized quickly just how hard it was to make it as a freelance artist, no matter how skilled and persistent one might be. It was a hard time for him, and he realized there had to be others like him. Thus, Scumbag Magazine was born. A magazine and social media based client for unknown artists to be supported and gain the exposure they deserve! By creatives for creatives!


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