ALBUM REVIEW: City Morgue Volume 1: Hell or High Water

If you aren’t inundated with underground Hip Hop you might not have heard of ZillaKami or SosMula (City Morgue). For the past few years there’s been some heavy-hitters in the trap metal scene: ZillaKami, CameronaziKamiyada and a few others. Up until now, the only artist that has been poised to break through is Scarlxrd. But a lot of his following came from his YouTube channel and he’s still trying to break into the mainstream, despite having millions of followers. If it were a race and I were to place a bet; my bet is that City Morgue is going to break this sound into the mainstream first.

As of the publication of this article; their first World Star Hip Hop premiere “Shinners 13” has racked up 3.1 million views.

The video has shown a music outfit with the potential to have longevity in a music climate that favors short-term virality. City Morgue is definitely one of the most promising and exciting acts in Hip Hop right now.

City Morgue Volume 1: Hell or High Water is the first glimpse of a metal rap sound that is palatable to a mainstream audience and yet remains as cutting edge as it started. There is not holding back just well-produced, well thought out rage raps that will put a hole in the wall if it’s loud enough. While all of these songs do hit hard; the singles released before the project are definitely still the strongest on the project.

Since they formed, SosMula has definitely gotten the short-end of the stick. However, this project showcases some of Mula’s most incredible verses to date proving to us that he’s not going anywhere. These two are like Hydrogen and Oxygen; their chemistry brings this sound to life. The era of bubblegum trap is finally coming to end and I couldn’t be more happy about it. The water level is rising and the tsunami is about the make landfall with City Morgue surfing the wave like a couple of professionals.


What’s next? This is just Volume 1 and all of the original singles are on the tape which means it’s all new music here on out. I also noticed that there wasn’t any production by DJ Carnage featured this time around. I’d bet that one of the next big singles is going to be with Carnage and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the song that really breaks them through.

This new wave of metal rap is finding itself and this is the testament to that fact. My hope is that they start expanding on this style in the coming projects; longer songs, consistent song structures, and, as always, I want to hear them push the envelope some more; as with any artist.

Favorites: Nuka Cola, Gravehop187, PTSD
Least: Snow on the Bluff

For More City Morgue check out their Instagram

Review written by: NOAH MOTION
IG: @TrapMetalUpdates

ZillaKami                   SoSMula:
IG:                     @ZillaKami               @SoSMula
Twitter:            @ZillaKami               @BigSleezzz

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