An Interview & Fascinating look into the work of the artist, Caleb Brown. | @Marroncaleb

By: Joaquin Herrera | @dreamsoulja


Where does one turn to in search of art that isn’t so superficial? Why does the current wave of art seem to appear so similar?

We are a generation heavily influenced by the Internet and it is time we showcase artists that not only defy this pattern of thinking, but their own surroundings as well.

Nathaniel Caleb Brown is an artist and painter with a fluid like style, mixing a refreshing color selection with honest and personal content. Here we review his paintings and learn more about the artist behind the canvas.

JH: Where are you from? & How much of an impact does your environment have on your work?

CB: “I’m from Salem, Massachusetts and I don’t think it’s had a direct impact on my work. At the same time though, that lack of a direct local influence is what kept what I did do, unique. Salem helped form my work by not being an overbearing factor.”

JH: I understand. I feel that our surroundings shouldn’t determine what we create nor how we create, but give us even more reason to do the opposite; By truly utilizing our imagination, we can literally build our own reality.


JH: What made you choose the art pieces included here? & What makes them unique to you?

CB: “These are some of the pieces I hold closest. They encompass what I want my art to represent moving forward. A collection of inspiration that spans from media, memories, and sensations.”

JH: What was the process like creating the art shown?

CB: “To be honest, an overwhelming majority of my work is through impulse. Usually, there isn’t a lot of preparation. The most I’ll generally do is either picking between colors or taking from a specific instance or memory.”


JH: I’m the same way. For me, Its definitely natural & spontaneous if anything..

When & How long did it take for you to create & recognize your own individual style of art?

CB: “A little over a year, that’s about how long I’ve been creating art. So honestly, I feel like I’m still in the midst of finding my complete style, and I’m soaking up everything I still have to learn.”

JH: What message or intent do you most wish to portray within your art? How effective are you in communicating it?

CB: “I’m trying to connect people to common experiences or feelings that we can’t describe or articulate, that no matter how harrowing an emotion might be, you’re not alone in experiencing it.

So far, I’d say I’ve been pretty effective in doing so, from seeing how often people connect my work to themselves and the familiarity they find in it.”


JH: What are your personal goals within not only art, but life period? & Where do visualize yourself in 5 years?

CB: “ I’d love to make a name for myself doing what I love, keeping art and life synonymous. In 5 years? Hopefully, I’ll have a full studio space and I’m in a position to help others chase what they’re truly passionate about.”

“I’d love to make a name for myself doing what I love, keeping art and life synonymous… Hopefully, I’ll have a full studio space and I’m in a position to help others chase what they’re truly passionate about.” — CB

JH: Extremely well said, Any last words?

CB: “If you make a mistake, it means you were brave enough to try. Always hold pride in that.” *


Follow and support Nathaniel Caleb Brown on Twitter/IG:@Marroncaleb & Keep an eye out for his upcoming artwork and projects this upcoming year!

Joaquin Herrera | Artist, Writer & Creator | @wuhkeen

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