A reflective and personal letter to not only skateboarding as a whole, but to those that understand the struggle and beauty found within.



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Skateboarding is beautiful. Skateboarding is a universal symbol.

Synonymous with love, happiness and ultimately freedom, one could call it sacred. We worship it.

We inflict horrendous pain on ourselves for it. One could even compare skateboarding to satanic cults or even the world’s most prestigious religions.

Following that fashion, Skateboarding has become commercial, gaining a sense of mass appeal over time.

Despite that, we all have our own experience with it, our own journey.

Whether you wore Pentagram wristbands and all black Etnies or you were New Era fitted with Nike Dunks, we all share our struggles in this realm. We all share our pain.

From small pebbles in the street becoming lifelong scars, from bloodshed to broken bones, from aggressive authorities to the diversity we face within our environments, it all comes back to the countless time and energy spent perfecting our craft.

In doing so, not only do we share such struggles, we share our successes.

We feel happiness and laughter, the feeling of pure joy and accomplishment, and the unconditional love that is solidified during the process.

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We feel proud.

That is the nucleus of skateboarding, nothing else matters.

This is why I first fell in love. I didn’t want to conform to any stereotypes, dogmas, or rules. I didn’t care if I was an outcast.

All I knew is I wanted to be truly different, independent, and above all free. Skating was the perfect channel to manifest these ideals.

It is free from boundaries that sports or education place on an individual. Race, age, income; these statistics weren’t relevant here.

There were absolutely no restrictions, rules or roles to play.

I was free to express myself to the fullest extent, utilizing my entire being to do so.

Using pure imagination to visualize and create the tricks I want to perform and then physically executing the tricks and bringing them to action.

Combined, we develop our own style and technique, producing an individuality and uniqueness within our own skating.

front nose slide 270 | dreamsoulja

Simply put, Skateboarding is visualizing an individual goal and teaching yourself to manifest it.

Skateboarding is pure creation. Skateboarding is Magic. Do not take this Power for granted.

Truly embrace yourself, your imagination, your ambition, and dreams. Through skating, you will literally create your destiny and lead by example.

Recognize and nurture your raw potential and let skateboarding set you free from these increasingly diluted and superficial times.

This will lead to much growth in your life, not only as a skateboarder but as a man and human being.

Take the time to appreciate and respect Skateboarding for what it genuinely is and what it provides you with.

You forever hold a priceless key to true freedom. Hold this power sacred, and by changing yourself you will change your world.

One Love.

joaquin the dream | @dreamsoulja

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