In today’s current realm of art, many artists have difficulty finding their own individual touch or signature style. Everybody wants to be like another. Unlike those, Brandon Berry, (GUCCITARANTINO) creates relatable paintings and portraits with a natural, pleasant and smooth tone. Whether he chooses to depict violence, truth, or love itself, it damn sure is going to look elegant.

JH: When you’re a kid, its natural to create. We are constantly drawing, painting or making a beautiful mess. We tend to lose that creative drive as we become “adults” and most individuals don’t pursue art nor creating after their youth..

How long have you been painting? & What propels you to continue to do so?

GT: “I’ve been painting since 2014 but I started taking it more seriously in 2015. What keeps me going is that the more I create, the better I get.. Learning & trying new things.”

“Breakfast”- GUCCITARANTINO | Acrylic/Watercolor, 2017

JH: Where do you see art going & becoming within the next decade?

GT: “ There’s a lot of incredible artists that I see every day. I feel that art will continue to evolve throughout the years and we will continue to see new and original styles from talented people using them in a lot of different ways.”

JH: How do you see your art changing or progressing within that time?

GT: “ I see my art progressing by continuing to create & grow. I’m open to exploring new and different things to help me become an even better artist.”

“Attack on Tyson”- GUCCITARANTINO | Acrylic/Watercolor, 2017

JH: What makes the art pieces included here special to you?

GT: “They’re all unique in their own way. Some do have more meaning than others, but my favorite piece is “Attack on Tyson.” I always had a thought of a twisted alternate version to Mike Tyson biting someone’s body part off instead of the ear. It’s actually something I want to turn into a series of paintings in the near future.”

JH: What was the process like while creating these?

GT: “The process during those times weren’t really anything special, just brainstorming ideas, studying the history of art, watching horror movies & anime. Those usually inspire me.”

“Golds”- GUCCITARANTINO | Acrylic/Watercolor, 2017

JH: What message or intent do you most wish to portray in your art period? & How effective are you in communicating this?

GT: “I have some messages in my pieces whether it be against Trump, corrupted cops, etc. My art can be best described as all over the place if that makes sense. But my main purpose with my art is to express to the people to create for you and not care what others think. My work has its fair share of criticism but I still do things my way whether they like it or not.”

“My main purpose with my art is to express to the people to create for you, and not care what others think. My work has it’s fair share of criticism, but I still do things my way whether they like it or not.” — GT

(Untitled)- GUCCITARANTINO | Acrylic/Watercolor, 2017

JH: I definitely agree, we shouldn’t create art for the reception of it afterward nor for anybody else’s taste or vision but our own. In doing so, that defeats the purpose of creating in the first place..

Do you think that you and your art are misunderstood or misinterpreted?

GT: “Honestly, all my life I’ve been misunderstood. I’ve always viewed life in a different way, and where I’m from people don’t understand that. That’s why I stay to myself. I have a lot of art so some of my work can be misunderstood or even disliked but not everyone will like my work, so it is what it is.”

JH: It truly is that simple. Any last words?

GT: “My last words would be to not get discouraged if you feel things aren’t going for you just yet. Even if you’re feeling slept on just continue to work hard & overtime you’ll see results.” *

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